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Expert Portfolio Management: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals managing your investments.

Expert Portfolio Management:

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals managing your investments.

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Access a wide range of investment options across different markets and industries.

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Capitalize on depreciation and deductions to significantly reduce tax liability, seeking advice from tax advisors for specific implications.

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Private real estate investments have matched public equities' returns in the past 20 years with reduced market volatility.

Multiple Income Streams:

Commercial real estate offers income through rent and potential property value appreciation upon sale.

Inflation Hedge:

Commercial property owners can adjust rents to counter rising expenses, providing a buffer against inflation.

Investment Strategy

Loanis endeavors to achieve diversification across a spectrum of property types situated in high-growth markets across the United States. Employing a predominantly value-add approach, Loanis strategically acquires assets requiring capital injections, enhanced operational efficiency, and/or lease-up initiatives. Complementing this strategy, we will strategically engage in targeted ground-up developments. Our allocation strategy envisages an equitable distribution of the Fund’s capital, with approximately fifty percent earmarked for multifamily assets, identified for their potential to yield favorable risk-adjusted returns and mitigate downside risk. Concurrently, the remaining capital will be allocated to ventures in industrial properties, offices, and hotels, which present a heightened potential for appreciable growth.



Target Allocation

Procure assets characterized by robust and consistent cash flow, presenting the potential for enhanced value via meticulous renovation and optimized operations. Complement this strategy with targeted merchant-build development initiatives.

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Multifamily Units Aquired

Industrial, Office, & Hotel


Target Allocation

Strategically acquire financially sound and occupied assets displaying growth potential aligned with enduring market trends, including e-commerce, remote work, and leisure hospitality. Enhance the portfolio through strategic merchant-build industrial development.

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Industrial SF Developed

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