About us

Bridging the credit gap

Creating wealth one property at a time

At Loanis.com, our mission is to generate consistent fixed income at above-market returns through commercial real estate-backed loans. We align your investment with this vision by introducing the Loanis Credit Fund. This specialized fund focuses on originating, purchasing, or acquiring commercial loans secured by real estate in the thriving region of southwest Florida.

Leveraging the expertise of our owners, Ken Bond and Grant Herren, and our strong referral network, we offer a unique investment opportunity targeting an annualized yield of 11-14% with loan-to-value ratios below 70%. Our commitment to small to medium-sized businesses and real estate professionals, coupled with our innovative deal sourcing and no Assets Under Management fee, positions us to deliver double-digit returns to investors while providing a winning financing solution for borrowers. Our mission is to empower investors and borrowers alike, fostering growth and prosperity in a recessionary resistant area of the country.


Meet our leadership team

Ken Bond, Fund Manager

A visionary entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience in the online marketing industry, where he demonstrated a talent for innovation and leadership. Shifting his focus to commercial real estate investment in Southwest Florida, Ken started Loanis, leveraging his extensive connections to source off market loan and investment opportunities and lead capital raising initiatives. His proven ability to disrupt industries, and develop and deploy technology platforms, positions him as the ideal individual to lead Loanis.

Grant Herren, Fund Manager

A meticulous professional with a strong background in financial management and operational leadership. With a proven ability to analyze and interpret complex financial data, Grant has played a key role in the strategic growth and development of numerous businesses. His expertise in underwriting commercial property, conducting research, and managing investment processes showcases his comprehensive understanding of the financial sector. As a founding member of Loanis, Grant’s role as Fund Manager is central to the company’s success.

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